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Does the United States Healthcare System Need an Overhaul?

Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the United States’ biggest challenges today. Having been declared “broken” by experts over ten years ago, the system has still not shown any improvements. Supposed “fixes” promised by managed care have not surfaced. Instead, health insurance premiums are rising, hassles for patients and physicians continue, and more than 45 million Americans are uninsured.If the challenges with healthcare that the United States faces are not met swiftly and wisely, the current problems will worsen and new challenges will arise. Even considering that new technology, such as online medical consultations, will increase efficiency, the cost of new tests and treatments are projected to outweigh the savings. As physicians and online doctors get better at treating ailments and illnesses, they will in turn lengthen patients’ lives, thereby increasing the number of people requiring medical care.Additionally, as costs rise, many employers will not be able to handle providing healthcare benefits to their employees. This is just one contributing factor to the growing number of uninsured citizens.Is Healthcare Reform in Our Near Future?President Obama has plans in motion to ensure each and every American has access to high quality health care, deeming it “one of the most important challenges of our time.” He stated that the number of uninsured Americans is growing, premiums are skyrocketing, and an increasing number of people are being denied coverage every day. In addition, President Obama believes that an improved healthcare system – including one that supports the use of telemedicine and online doctor consultations – is also essential to rebuilding the U.S. economy, in that an improved system will benefit people and businesses – not just insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

According to Darrell M. West, Vice President, Governance Studies at Brookings Institution, “the biggest obstacle to health care reform is fear of the unknown. Anytime you make fundamental changes in the system, there is going to be anxiety from doctors worried about reimbursement levels, patients concerned over access to care, insurers about market competition, and hospitals about cost structures. In this situation of complex proposals and unknowable consequences, it is easy to play to people’s fears and scare them into resisting change. What President Obama has to do is persuade people that diving into the unknown future is less risky than the current status quo. If he can overcome the fear hurdle, he will get health care reform.”We Have Evolved…It’s Time for Healthcare to Evolve, TooThe way of approaching healthcare in the United States has become outdated. With the rapidly expanding array of technology that is available to the people of the United States, it is no wonder why the way research is done has changed; and the ways in which people communicate has also changed. So what about change in the healthcare system? It is due time for physicians and other healthcare providers to evolve with the times and incorporate telehealth services, such as online medical consultations and online prescriptions, into their practices.Datamonitor has predicted that the global telehealth market is expected to exceed $8 billion by the year 2012. Telemedicine (often used synonymously with telehealth) is the use of medical information being exchanged from one to another via electronic communication, whether it is the internet or phone. This exchanged medical information in the form of online doctor consultations and printable doctors’ excuses online in turn is used to improve the patient’s health or direct them in the right path.Commonly referred to as online medical consultation services, telemedicine is not different from the actual practice of medicine; it is just the application of the standard, accepted practice of medicine, to electronic communication, thus making it more widely accessible and easier to obtain by the general public. With technology at everyone’s fingertips, it is no wonder that a rapidly increasing number of people are turning to the internet for online doctor consultations and printable doctors’ excuses. To date, approximately 36 million Americans have already been treated by telemedicine through online doctor consultations and/or prescriptions. A survey showed that over 70% of patients indicate that they are willing to try online doctor consultations and online prescription services rather than going into an office when they have a minor illness.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has reported that possibly 70% of all doctors visits are for information or a consultation of sorts that could easily be handled over a phone. All of these visits cost medical providers and patients alike for the unnecessary trips. It has been estimated that as much as $300 billion of health care costs are wasteful and unnecessary, thus resulting in higher insurance costs for groups and individuals alike.Are These Goals Within United States’ Reach?The three targeted goals when it comes to improving the U.S. healthcare system according to President Obama are the following:o Reform the healthcare system;
o Promote scientific and technological advancements; and
o Improve preventative careWith the rapid advancement of telemedicine, or online doctor consultation and online prescription services, the aforementioned goals are most definitely within our reach.

Fruit Fixed Announces Latest Expansion Prompted by Surging Device Repair Demand

(Henrico, Virginia)– According to contempo reports, an estimated 70 percent of adults in the United States own smartphones, a 35 percent uptick from just 5 years ago. As the adaptable accessory movement continues on its advancement trend, the appeal for aliment grows in proportion. This development comes as no abruptness to Justin Carroll, architect of Fruit Fixed ( who has witnessed the admission actual back aperture the doors of his adaptable accessory and electronics adjustment business in 2011. In ablaze of the growing call, Carroll has afresh appear the company’s latest expansion.

“I’ve apparent the charge for adaptable aliment billow back the aboriginal canicule of my business,” Carroll confirmed, “and it’s alone traveling to abound added as new accessories hit the market. Our new storefront in Short Pump gives barter alfresco the actual breadth of our Richmond boutique in the Carytown commune added acceptable admission to our casework and enables us to backpack on with our ambition of accouterment the fastest accessible turnaround times afterwards sacrificing quality.”

Fruit Fixed began on a appreciably abate calibration than the top aggregate its advisers currently handle. Carroll began his ambitious adventure with a individual adjustment of his own burst buzz screen. As chat of his acknowledged adventure spread, business swelled from an casual part-time endeavor into a full-time career. The aggregation additionally angled out from screens to centralized apparatus and congenital tablets, computers and gaming consoles into its account calendar based on the aggregation website,

This amplification marks the third in the company’s time line. Fruit Fixed was initially a adaptable business, affective into its aboriginal brick-and-mortar website three years afterwards getting established. Aggregate surpassed the accommodation of the aboriginal locale, bidding a charge to alteration to the company’s beyond accepted home abject in Carytown. Added all-embracing advice on the aggregation as able-bodied as its ambit of casework can be begin at

Concluded Carroll, “From the beginning, I absitively to set Fruit Fixed afar from all those added adjustment shops agriculture up about the country by application alone the accomplished superior locations and accouterment unparalleled service. Our aggregation charcoal committed to that goal, and our newest area is artlessly the latest footfall in our efforts to bigger serve our barter as able-bodied as our community. We’ll abide to extend our services, amend our training and accessible new locations as our industry evolves.”

About Fruit Fixed:

Beginning with a individual torn buzz and a abundant accord of research, Fruit Fixed has emerged as a baton in adaptable and cyberbanking accessory repairs. The aggregation prides itself on demography a people-centric access to the industry and is committed to accouterment prompt, affordable account with the accomplished akin of quality.

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Important Advice on Damp Meters You Charge to Know

The accent of application a damp beat seems to be a no question. This accessory allows you to apperceive how abundant damp a copse contains. That said, it gives you the adeptness to analyze if a copse is abiding abundant to be used.

But if you are in the anchor for one, there are several added advice which you charge to apperceive first. Kindly apprehend on to the next few locations of this commodity if you wish to apperceive more.


Pin and pinless are the two types of damp meter. Both of these types can admeasurement the aftereffect of damp but the pin blazon for electric accepted and the pinless blazon for the electromagnetic field. But one does accept an advantage over another.

The acceptable affair with the pinless beat is that it has the adeptness to actuate the damp agreeable of an absolute copse after authoritative holes on it. So if you accept the plan to appointment a lumberyard, you can use it to analysis the damp agreeable of dupe afore you adjudge to buy them. One affair on this meter, however, is that its sensor pad should in acceptable acquaintance with the copse to be activated so that authentic readings can be achieved. Stocks that are too asperous or angled may not do able-bodied with this affectionate of meter.

One affair that makes a pin beat favorable is that it can apprehend altered kinds of wood, behindhand of the amount of roughness, admeasurement and shape. What is alone bare is for the pins to be in acquaintance with the copse that is to be activated for damp content. Aside from that, you are accustomed to use limited probes if utilizing a pin meter. The nails or probes let you analysis even actual anticipate lumbers.


When you are central a abundance to buy a damp meter, you appropriate abroad anticipate of which of the two types of meters is appropriate to pick. You can acknowledgment this catechism by anecdotic the appearance that appear with anniversary blazon and comparing them one adjoin addition with their advantages and disadvantages. Not alone that, you aswell accept to accede the affectionate of dupe that you will be account through the device.


When the aloft things are set clear, the next affair that you charge to do is to amount out area to acquirement your affectionate of meter. You can accept to accomplish your acquirement either from an online or offline store. One affair that you just accept to bethink to accept a abundance that is accepted and reliable.